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Performance characteristics of small DC motor
Visit:200 Date:2018-09-28
Small DC motors are generally 11 base numbers. Each frame number has two core lengths, which is suitable for general working environment. Today, motor manufacturer Xiaohui Xiaobian will share the performance of small DC motors. Characteristics

Small DC motor

1. Weaken the magnetic field upwards to constant power operation, but the speed must not exceed the maximum speed allowed by the mechanical strength of the motor.
2. Reduce the armature voltage down speed:
1 Before the motor is driven down, the magnetic field should be weakened to the specified value (generally 1.2 times the rated speed) and then stepped down to adjust the speed.
2 The cooling mode is that the externally ventilated motor is regulated to a constant torque.
3 The self-fan cooling motor torque will decrease as the speed decreases.

Ventilation methods are self-fan cooling (with fan, axial ventilation) and his fan-cooled (with blower, forced ventilation), or without fan, ventilated according to the pipeline.

So what is the structure of a small DC motor?

1. The DC generator or the DC voltage regulating generator is only manufactured in a horizontal type, and the base has a foot.
2. The DC motor can be made into the structural form shown in the table below.

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